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Assassin -The Club lp


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Black vinyl with gatefold cover and lyric insert. Limited 350 numbered copies

After the release of The Upcoming Terror and Interstellar Experience in 1986 and 1988 and the dissolution in the early 90s, Assassin actually showed up 17 years after the last release with a comeback album named The Club. The band was reformed with almost the complete original line-up, only Lulle on bass has been replaced. However The Club is far from what you would expect from this line-up. The trademarks that made Interstellar Experience and especially The Upcoming Terror thrash metal jewels of the 80s are gone. Robert Gonella is off track and he just croaks instead of sings. And musicwise they have lost most of their old Thrash metal charm. Its not all bad but as an old Assassin fan it hurts. Luckily the history didnt end here. It would take another 6 years before Robert Gonnella, Michael Hoffmann and Jurgen Scholz would try again but that album, Breaking The Silence, showed that this band still had things to offer the old school thrash metal fan. The Club is only for completists

Track list:
1. The Club
2. No Fear
3. Raging Mob
4. Bushwackers
5. Not With Us
6. Psycho Terror
7. Go Insane
8. Real Friends
9. The Price Of Power
10. Thunder And Lightning
11. Jin Tien Shen Huo
12. I Swear

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