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Astral Doors eight full length album, Black Eyed Children is proof that even the most gifted, talent-rich musicians continue to get better with time, and after 15 years together, there are no signs of decline in the quality of music they create. Upon the release of “Notes From The Shadows” back in 2014, I was convinced that the band may have reached the pinnacle of their comprehensive catalog, as there would be no way that they could top that record. I was wrong… This new material, as a whole, is as good as I’ve heard from this extremely gifted band and only raises the bar even higher. Hailing from Borlänge, Dalarna in southeast Sweden, Astral Doors is comprised of Nils Patrik Johansson on vocals, Joachim Nordlund on guitar, Mats Gesar on guitar, Ulf Lagerstroem on bass, Johan Lindstedt on drums, and Jocke Roberg on keyboards, and plays what once was considered traditional Heavy Metal, back when Heavy Metal was the “cash cow” of the music industry. Being an elite-talent driven, “thinking man’s” style and because it’s becoming increasingly different than most contemporary formats of Metal, most would likely label their music a bit more on the Power Metal side. Whatever you want to label it, this is the sound that Heavy Metal was born of. The cornerstone of a band is most often a charismatic lead singer, and Nils Patrik Johansson is extraordinary. Johansson is everything needed in a front man; powerful Dio like vocals, the stage presence of a legend, and a mastermind of a songwriter. In a time when most new bands are straying into the saturated and trendy sub-genres that highlight the many different styles of screams and growls, Astral Doors continue to stay true to their classic Heavy Metal roots and by doing so, honour the Metal Gods that so deeply influenced their souls. With the many different ranges of Metal being released these days, “Black Eyed Children” is such a breath of fresh air that will have you raising your horns high in honor of all that is Heavy.

Track list:
1. We Cry Out
2. Walls
3. God Is The Devil
4. Die On Stage
5. Tomorrow’s Dead
6. Good vs Evil
7. Suburban Song
8. Lost Boy
9. Slaves To Ourselves
10. Black Eyed Children

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