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Ataraxia ‎–Deep Blue Firmament cd


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Ataraxia was born in Italy in 1985. For over 30 years they have been creating a Neoclassical gothic sound and that is no different on their 2016 release, Deep Blue Firmament. Ataraxia creates their music as an extension of their soul. They are influenced by nature, particularly water. This is reflected in their releases that reach spiritual and meditative levels. This album has a general theme of exploration, however the poetry of their musical compositions feels too complex to simply categorise. Ataraxia have style alike an interplay between innocent light beams and sombre darkness. Even though the general mood is calm there is still considerable drama at play. Atmospheric, ethereal, and ambient are all suitable descriptions of what you experience. There is a lot to love about “Deep Blue Firmament” and im sure you will be interested to explore their back catalouge when you have heard this one. Ataraxia are artists in every aspect of the word. They use photography, theatre in their live performances, along with their deep affiliation with poetry and music as their outlets. They are deeply rooted to the Ethereal and their music perfectly echoes it. For a more ancient and contemplative music, “Deep Blue Firmament” is a perfect addition to your collection.

Track list:
1. Delphi
2. Message To The Clouds
3. Greener Than Grass
4. Myrrh
5. Alexandria Pt. 1
6. Rosso Sangue
7. Galatia
8. May
9. Vertical
10. Ubiquity
11. Phoebe

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