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Athlantis (Shadows of steel/Labyrinth) – Athlantis


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Top secret Underground Symphony power metal extravaganza revealed. Formed by Steve Wavamas (the bass player of Shadows Of Steel), this CD is a concept album featuring 8 songs: 1 instrumental song, 2 songs with vocalist Wild Steel (Shadows Of Steel), 2 songs with vocalist Ivan Drake (a young talented Italian), 2 songs with singer Rob Tyrant (Labyrinth) on vocals, and 1 song with all three singers (Wild Steel, Ivan Drake and Rob Tyrant) sharing vocals. The music is similar to Shadows of Steel, Labyrinth, Highlord, Arachnes, etc. Tracklist: 1. Flyin' Higher 2. Silver And Gold 3. Voices 4. Surrender 5. Listen To Me 6. King Lear 7. Delian 8. End Of All Days

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Underground Symphony

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