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Atrocity -Non Plus Ultra 1989-1999 d/cd


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Atrocity are a band that don’t bring or get to much attention for themselves and its a shame cause they are one of the most versatile and original Metal Groups ever. The Non Plus Ultra album is basically a wisely chosen collection of album singles of previous popularity among the bands diverse discography. Such songs on here like the popular 80’s covers from Atrocity’s ‘Werk 80’ album; Tainted Love and Shout will become easy favourites to most. Where as such Atrocity classics like B.L.U.T., Calling The Rain and Love Is Dead maybe a little harder for new fans to get into. But I beg you give them a chance, These songs have all grown on me and are often some of my most beloved tracks to listen to. As I had said this is an excellent start for New Atrocity fans and yet an excellent collection for long-time fans such as myself. A ‘Best Of’ If you will and possibly the best album that shows just how versatile Atrocity truly is. As one of the most diverse bands in the darker realm of music, you can expect everything from death to goth to electronic metal to heavy industrial. This compilation gives an excellent cross section of what they’ve done over the years, which means that, unless you are a diehard fan, you’ll love half the songs and probably not love the other half. I’m not really into the industrial bit, but Atrocity even adds some interesting elements into that genre. Fans who have all their albums will be pleased with the rare and remixed tracks adn the seven multimedia tracks.

Track list:
1. Shake Your Head
2. Tainted Love
3. Rage Hard
4. Shout
5. Die Deutschmaschine
6. Siehst du mich im Licht?
7. Blue Moon
8. Deliverance (DAS ICH remix)
9. Gotted tod
10. Land Beyond The Forest
11. Calling The Rain
12. Die Liebe
13. Die Totgeweihten
14. Die Liebe-video
15. Calling The Rain-video
16. The Great Commandment-video
17. Shout-video
18. Willenskraft
19. Love Is Dead
20. We Are Degeneration
21. Trial
22. Blut
23. Leichenfeier
24. Necropolis
25. Todessehnsucht
26. Godless Years
27. Fatal Step
28. Hallucinations
29. Blue Blood (1996 version)
30. Procreation (Of The Wicked)
31. Blut-video
32. Love Is Dead-video
33. Miss Directed-video

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