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Atrocity (us) – Infected / The Art Of Death


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Grind death from Torrington, Connecticut, Usa. This cd includes the only two full length albums the band did on one cd. ‘Infected’ is from 1990 and ‘The Art Of Death’ from 1992, this is death/grindcore the old school way. Surely not suited for fans of the German Atrocity but for fans of other classic bands in this vein like Repulsion, Master, Deathstrike, Righteous Pigs, Terrorizer or even some Napalm Death – this is a worthy buy. Its catchy and violent and a bit low fi. Track listing: Infected – 1990 1. Contamination 2. Awaiting Demise 3. Nuclear Manslaughter 4. Personal Decimation 5. Enslaved In Turmoil 6. Unseen Death 7. Slave To Conformity 8. Redeemed By Confusion 9. Cycle Of Despair 10. Infected 11. Destabilize 12. Bludgeoned To Death 13. Hatred Birth 14. Mangled Beyond Recognition 15. Unimpressed 16. Toxic Death 17. In The Wake Of Death 18. Death Factories 19. Evangelist The Art Of Death – 1992 1. Pol Pot 2. Unpure To Christ 3. Confined 4. Delerium Tremens 5. Let The Killing Begin 6. Waste The Good Suffering 7. Warped Progress 8. Maggot Feed 9. Blood Harvest 10. I Am God – I Am Death 11. Depression 12. Progress Of Suicide 13. Scarred 14. Collapsing In Seizure 15. A Tranquil Place 16. The Art Of Death 17. Parade Of The Morbid 18. Homicidal Cunt 19. Charred Remains 20. Suicidal

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