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Atrocity (us) -Mangled lp


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Black vinyl. Limited 400 copies

American act Atrocitys Mangled demo tape, releaesed in 1988, is hands down one of the best recordings in the band’s entire discography. High speed, rotten-to-the-core grinding Death Metal delivered with inhuman fury and brutality! The 7 tracks forming this ominous session were a solid foretaste of what they later delivered with their Hatred birth EP and the bulldozing debut full length Infected. Non-stop fast, angry Death Metal with a somehow Grindcore oriented feeling, Repulsion, Impetigo and early Wild Rags audio terrorists being the first comparisons that come to mind listening to this. The sound quality is outstanding as it’s been mastered directly from the original reels. It comes with an insert featuring exclusive liner notes, flyers and rare archive photos.

Track list
1. Patricide
2. Ravaged By Disease
3. Malevolent Death Thirst
4. Contamination
5. Mr. Quint
6. Homicidal Cunt
7. Unseen Death

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