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Atropine –Sanity Desecration cd


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Polish death metal act Atropine came to life in 2009 in Rzeszow. The band went through several line-up changes and things didnt really settle until 2015. The band released their debut album, Death Is Coming, in 2019. Due to covid restrictions the band started working on the follow up almost immediately. Their second effort, Sanitiy Desecreation, was then finished and released in 2023. If you know youre Polish death metal then you know what you will get here. This is Polish death metal pure, and strong as a shot of vodka. Think of classic acts such as Vader and Trauma and you know what you will get. Crunchy, aggressive and tons of good riffs. Sanity Desecration shows that the band has matured a lot. If they continue then their third album might be the one that crush every other Polish death metal act.

Track list:
1. Fallen
2. Dead World
3. Psyhopath
4. Executioner
5. Battlefront
6. Meat Dealer
7. Wasted Soul
8. Enter My Nightmare
9. Braindead

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