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Attentat Rock – Le Gang Des Saigneurs


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Attentat Rock…For those who listen to heavy metal for more than 10 years, this band will surely remain something. Attentat Rock was one of the best French bands appearing in the mid eighties. In 1983, the french scene was leaded by Trust and Warning, but in 1983, Attentat Rock released a self produced and self tittled LP . The success of this one bring them to be signed by Devils Records in 1984 for their second album. The line-up remained the same but the music was very different. The first album was showing a good rock hard band. The second album shows a pure heavy metal album. Herve Raynal, the guitar hero of the band created his heaviest riffs for this album. The production sounds very raw and powerful despite the years. Didier Rochette still had a bit of ‘commercial’ style to his vocals but as the music became heavier on this album he had to try to sing more aggressive. ‘Le Gang Des Saigneurs’ was a very important album for the French metal scene and the band was among the most interesting and professional the country had at the time. A must have for all nostalgic of 80's metal. This cd re-issue comes with two bonus tracks Track listing: 1. Gang Des Saigneurs 2. Guerrier De La Nuit 3. Trans Europe Express 4. Couer De Pierre 5. Lumieres De Laville 6. Sunset Boulevard 7. Rock Suicide 8. La Mer Du Silence

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