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2016 re-issue with one bonus track

Are you an Iron Maiden fan who holds the classic 80s albums as the peak of the band’s recorded output? If so, Portugal’s Attick Demons have an album for you, their debut entitled Atlantis. According to the label, the band has been around for 15 years but this is their first full-length after many demos. Attick Demons sound a LOT like 80’s Iron Maiden, especially singer Artur Almeida, who is a dead ringer for Bruce Dickinson on several songs, though he sounds more like Tobias Sammet on the slower tracks. That said, Attick Demons are definitely not an Iron Maiden clone, simply recycling riffs and solos into different arrangements. The songs on Atlantis are independent compositions in the Iron Maiden mold. “Back in Time” has an “Aces High”-style guitar riff and Almeida conjures up a Dickinsonian performance on “The Flame of Eternal Knowledge.” The songs gallop and the solos doodle-oodle-oodle like any good Maiden song should, but they stand on their own. It’s as if Atlantis is a long lost Maiden album from the time between Powerslave and Somewhere In Time. There’s a lot of “hey that reminds me of..” vs. “hey, that’s the riff from…” The biggest departure the band takes from the work of their heroes is the use of female vocals, which is a nice touch to songs like “Meeting The Queen.” Atlantis is not terribly original, as you might guess, and Iron Maiden detractors will dislike it on both style and principle. I, as a long time Maiden fan, enjoyed the album quite a bit, though it will never replace the originals. My concern is that if sounding like Iron Maiden is Attick Demons’ only trick, their career will get stale pretty quick. If they can build on Atlantis and start to forge a more unique identity, they might be on to something.

Track list:
1. Back In Time
2. Atlantis
3. City Of Golden Gates
4. The Flame Of Eternal Knowledge
5. Riding The Storm
6. Sacrifice
7. Meeting The Queen
8. In Memoriam
9. Listen To The Fool
10. Left To Breath

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Route 55 Records / Metal Soldiers Records

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R55-002 / MSR 045

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