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Aura Noir – Deep Dreams of Hell


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Best of. Tracklist: 1. Deep Tracts of Hell 2. Released Damnation 3. Swarm of Vultures 4. Blood Unity 5. Slasher 6. Purification of Hell 7. The Spiral Sear 8. The Beautiful, Darkest Path 9. Broth of Oblivion 10. To Wear The mark 11. The Rape 12. Forlorn Blessings to the Dreamking 13. Dreams Like Deserts 14. Angel Ripper 15. Snake 16. Mirage 17. Released Damnation 18. Broth of Oblivion 19. Tower of Limbs and Fevers 20. Mirage Track 1-10 taken from the CD “Deep Tracts of Hell” Track 11-16 taken from the MCD “Dreams Like Deserts” Track 17-20 bonus tracks (rare recordings)

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