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Autopsy -Fiend For Blood mlp


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Black vinyl with printed innersleeve

A year prior in 1991, Autopsy captivated those fortunate enough in the metal underground with their release of ‘Mental Funeral’. I can imagine they felt the need to top or go beyond this recording either with more versatility, nastier lyrics, tempo changes or just an uncontrollable urge to add another twist to the meaning of twisted. The music is a blend of death, grind and doom. They essentially switch it up in each placement: one moment it’s centred, the next it’s unruly or at another it’s dark and wavy. For the most part the guitars aren’t continuously chugged and in certain areas they might only take a few notes and play them with the simplicity of a grind-like fashion or more closer to its precursor hardcore. Then there are some structured moments that work the fret board a little more and turn out to be somewhat progressive, or even dark and atmospheric for what most people are used to with a death metal band. So, there are moments that lean on aggression, and then others that take it down a notch and are going for more complex playing or just simply a mood. An easier way to understand the manner in which Autopsy does it in is something like running your finger in appreciation over the surface texture of a finished painting, and then for whatever reason putting your fist right through the canvas. They end up doing both here: craft a dark or weaving scenario and then have the tendency to ravage it. I felt the previous album ‘Mental Funeral’ was Autopsy’s peak, it really came together with a mixture of their take on death and doom, and also a tad of grind found its way inside while altogether making up for the loss of their prior thrash influences. It was a depraved release without going over the mark—their musical timing was top notch and the atmosphere was built up to and consistent throughout. It had peaks and rises without having spikes and plummets, and, importantly, the transitions between simplicity and complexity held together.

Track listing:
1. Fiend For Blood
2. Keeper Of Decay
3. Squeal Like A Pig
4. Ravenous Freaks
5. A Different Kind Of Mindfuck
6. Dead Hole

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