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Autopsy – Retribution For The Dead


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Retribution for the Dead comes out as a short three song release. Right smack in the middle of Severed Survival and Mental Funeral. Two of the three songs that are on ‘Retribution For The Dead’, are also on ‘Mental Funeral’. With the utter convenience of ‘Retribution For The Dead’, it is a perfect example of why some EPs are mainly for the die hard fans of the band. To be later collected and sought after to make your collection just right. Autopsy is years later, still indeed guilty of this. However the music is good enough to satisfy a dire fan's eagerness for completeness. The title song ‘Retribution For The Dead’ has one of the most blatantly ripped off early Black Sabbath riffs I've heard, besides coming from a traditional doom band. It is just on the initial riff, and then moves onto Autopsy's own signature death-doom process. The audacity of a person to rip off one of the most influential metal bands might be quite appalling to some. But was a neat way to open up the recording. 'Oh well, looks like Autopsy still cranks those old Sabbath records, huh.' They again distanced themselves from other extreme bands, by utilizing another 70's technique with the addition of a wah pedal on a solo on the song ‘Destined to Fester’. And Iommi's signature of tampering with the volume knob of the guitar only to crank it up when the other instruments kick in, on a small segment on the track ‘In the Grip of Winter’. Strapped and ready to go, were Autopsy before ‘Mental Funeral’. So much, that they added this release in close proximity of each other. ‘Retribution For The Dead’ was the building climax to their darkest and most sinisterly creative creation: Mental Funeral. Track listing: 1. Retribution For The Dead 2. Destined To Fester 3. In The Grip Of Winter

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