Autopsy -Skin Begins To Rot MC [3 cassette box]



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Limited cassette box featuring Autopsy’s three first albums on cassette. Black cassettes with white text. Limited 800 copies

Cassette 1: Severed Survival 1989
Remember growing up and having the authoritative figures tell you that certain things are ‘bad’ and should be avoided like the plague. However, like mild-allergenic foods, we tend to be drawn towards these things like a slow moving magnet. Pulling us in closer and closer, until these terrible items take a hold of us and pervert our minds (as the parental figures like to make us think). Well, I’m glad Autopsy’s parents weren’t around to make better choices for them. Because then the band itself might of not existed to rightfully stimulate our distasteful ears. The production on this release has a very primitive sound quality. Often filthy in context compared to later 90’s death metal groups. However, all of the instruments are heard equally as loud, including the often excluded bass guitar. Severed Survival has a very analog production as well. Giving it a certain 80’s metal charm. Reverb—you’ll notice it right away—is water logged into every instrument on this album. The effect further adds to their unclean atmosphere. It is like watching an old dubbed 70’s horror movie. Unhindered and unmastered. The dubbing, reverb in this case, almost gives it that real presence. Like watching a second generation tape of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Last House on the Left, and having an over-your-shoulder, lurking uneasiness. ‘Hey dude, where did you get this tape…it is so life-like’ ‘I…uh…rented it.’ Musically, Autopsy proved that they weren’t a mere effect. Rather a force, and not easily imitated. They would have overall worthy musical qualities; ranging from a drummer who boldly vocalizes, dual guitarists that pump out primitive and calculated rhythms, also the presence of a bass in the mix. This debut album was so important to the death metal genre and there would be a lot of bands coming up that were heavily influenced by Autopsy. If you are slightly interested in the old school death metal then this is an album to check out

Cassette 2: Mental Funeral 1991
Autopsy were always unique. Even with their influence looming over countless bands (particularly the early swedish scene bands, i.e. Nihilist/Entombed, Grave, Dismember, etc.), they STILL have a sound that can’t be confused with anyone else. You KNOW when you’re listening to an Autopsy album. And the Autopsy sound really came into focus on “Mental Funeral”. While “Severed Survival” is also a classic album, “Mental Funeral” beats it out as Autopsy’s best. It’s one of those rare records, that “works” every time. The collection of songs work as a whole piece and are beyond capable of standing on their own: the opening death gallop of “Twisted Mass Of Burnt Decay”, to the unholy coupling of “Fleshcrawl” and “Torn From The Womb”, the brilliant “Destined To Fester” and everything in between…All the best doomed out death metal riffs in the book combined with well placed bursts of speed. Autopsy’s lack of caring about production value also, gives “Mental Funeral”, as well as their other records, it’s own personality. Their albums sound like they’re decaying as time goes on, each record less polished than the last. The organic sound of “Mental Funeral” adds to its deathly atmosphere, you can almost smell the coffin stench when listening to it. Crude, nihilistic, and brilliant. Autopsy were masters of their (lack of) craft. And “Mental Funeral” was their apex performance.

Cassette 3: Acts Of The Unspeakable 1992
Californian gore metallers Autopsy burst onto the scene in 1988 with almost immediate infamy. Frontman Chris Reifert was already a well known force on the underground through his time as drummer with Florida’s highly respected metal combo, Death. After playing drums on the band’s debut album, the much acclaimed ‘Scream Bloody Gore’, Chris moved back west to the more open climate of San Francisco and together with Danny Coralles & Eric Cutler formed Autopsy. The partnership kicked off in April 1989 with their debut album ‘Severed Survival’, a brutal explosion of heavy riffs, tight drumming and a screaming vocal, rounded off with concepts of death, disease and diabolica. A successful European tour with label mates and rising stars ‘Paradise Lost’ saw the band solidify their ever-growing army of devotees. Their third album, the highly controversial ‘Acts Of The Unspeakable’ surfaced in Oct ’92 to widespread delight and fury. The press and fans adored the album, with artwork & lyrics loosely mirroring concepts similar to Hieronymous Bosch. The authorities didn’t quite see things in the same way as copies of the album & T-Shirts (based on album artwork) were seized the world over. This only added to the reputation of the band with ‘Acts’ being lauded as the definitive Autopsy album.

Track listing:
Cassette 1: Severed Survival 1989
1. Charred Remains
2. Service For A Vacant Coffin
3. Disembowel
4. Gasping For Air
5. Ridden With Disease
6. Pagan Saviour
7. Impending Dread
8. Severed Survival
9. Critical Madness
10. Embalmed
11. Stillborn

Cassette 2: Mental Funeral 1991
1. Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay
2. In the Grip of Winter
3. Fleshcrawl
4. Torn From the Womb
5. Slaughterday
6. Dead
7. Robbing the Grave
8. Hole in the Head
9. Destined to Fester
10. Bonesaw
11. Dark Crusade
12. Mental Funeral

Cassette 3: Acts Of The Unspeakable 1992
1. Meat
2. Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium
3. Your Rotting Face
4. Blackness Within
5. An Act Of The Unspeakable
6. Frozen With Fear
7. Spinal Extractions
8. Death Twitch
9. Skullptures
10. Pus / Rot
11. Battery Acid Enema
12. Lobotomized
13. Funereality
14. Tortured Moans Of Agony
15. Ugliness And Secretions
16. Orgy In Excrements
17. Voices
18. Walls Of The Coffin

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