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Autopsy – Torn From The Grave


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Autopsy, the band started by the legendary drummer Chris Reifert who smashed the skins on Deaths debut album “Scream Bloody Gore” is a raw slab of old school death metal. They are of course along with the other late eighties death metal bands the originators of what we today call death metal. When you listen to some of the older death metal bands today, most of their material feel dated but I must say that Autopsy have survived over and over again. This collection named “Torn From the Grave” has 27 songs on it and is over 70 minutes long, this makes this the ultimate Autopsy collection in my opinion. All the real classics are here and some unreleased stuff as well, all the bands album are presented in a very enjoyable way in my opinion and none of the tracks feels bad in any way. As most of us know, Autopsy sealed the coffin a couple of years ago (only to form Abscess a while later) and from what I know Chris Reifert and the rest of the band was with in the song picking process, just to give us the ultimate autopsy greatest hits collection. Tracklist: 1. Charred Remains 2. Disembowl 3. Gasping for Air 4. Severed Survival 5. Ridden with Disease 6. Service for a Vacant Coffin 7. Retribution for the Dead 8. Robbing the Grave 9. Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay 10. Fleshcrawl 11. Torn from the womb 12. Slaughterday 13. Dark Crusade 14. Mental Funeral 15. Fiend for Blood 16. Squeal like a Pig 17. Funereality 18. An Act of the Unspeakable 19. Frozen with Fear 20. Spinal Extraction 21. Death Twitch 22. Walls of the Coffin 23. Shiteater 24. Humiliate your Corpse 25. Blood Drainage 26. Blood Orgy 27. Bowel Ripper

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