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2015 cd release of this 1985 album with new cover artwork and two bonus track

Avalance from Kansas City in Missouri was formed in 1985 and they unfortunately only released one album. ‘Pray For Sinner’ were released on Green World Records in Usa and Roadrunner in Europe. Avalanche was a trio and singer/bassist Nikki Van Welden, whose real name was Roger Maynard, was the original singer of Vyper when they first formed. The album did a lot better in Europe then it did in North America. Maybe its because they were very European sounding and the album features some great Iron Maiden riffs. I would highly recommend the track ‘Sorceror’.

Track listing:
1. They Won’t Take Me
2. We Will Fight
3. Tortured Defender
4. This Love I Feel
5. Sorceror
6. Pray For The Sinner
7. Child Of Damnation
8. Devils Door
9. Battle Axe
10. Rock Hard And Heavy
11. When The Thunder Roars
12. Amazing Grace

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Cult Metal Classics Records

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