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Avatar (swe) – Black Waltz


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Melodic death metal Avatar from Gothenburg have seemingly transformed into what can only be described as a technical, melodic death 'n' roll unit. Regardless of how one wishes to classify them now, their first single from their 2012 album ‘Black Waltz’ is one interesting metal piece well worth anyone’s time. Avatar started out as a rather traditional melodic death metal band back in 2001 and since then they have worked and tweaked their sound up to quite a unique level. Welding hard rock and minor electronic influences to their melodeath base has proven to be a great idea and ‘Black Waltz’ is most definitely the band's most exciting release to date. Smoothly transitioning from rockin' guitar riffs to more death metal orientated sections, all the while keeping an undercurrent of melody and maintaining a degree of technicality, Black Waltz contains something for everyone. This 2011 single features three tracks taken from their full length album with the same name Track listing: 1. Torn Apart 2. One Touch 3. Black Waltz

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