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Avenger –Mir V Haremu Smrti cd


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The Czech republic death metal act Avenger announced the end of their career, after 25 years in the business, with their swansonsg Mir V Haremu Smrti (Peace In The Harem Of Death). Avenger seems to have left the beast for last as this is one of their strongest albums. Its a mix of black and death but with a doomy touch amd then we have the drumming of Honza Kapak that is one of the trademarks to the bands sound. All in all the band have managed to pack in so much musical enjoyment in less than 45 minutes.

Track list:
1. V Haremu Smrti
2. V Bezbrehe Samote
3. Starsi Nez Rec
4. Spektrum
5. Rusinova Bitva
6. Reka
7. Cesta Svobody
8. Vnitimi Vesmir
9. Fragment
10. Mir

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