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Avulsed – Eminence In Putrescence


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Avulsed is maybe the only Spanish band that reached a quite remarkable success in Europe in the extreme metal field. In the past there were lots of good bands on this style in Spain but few survived and many are still on the underground. Avulsed started as a gore death metal band and remained more or less the same all over these long years. Their demos are numerous and finally they released the first album Eminence in Putrescence in 1996. In my opinion, Carnivoracity was not a real, complete album because contained re-recorded versions of the homonymous EP and several covers. So, this Eminence in Putrescence officially started the best period for this band. The death metal was becoming very popular worldwide and they were ready to contribute. The gore violence of the first demos is now displayed with a better production but the essence doesn’t change and we are again here to be submerged by ultra gore vocals and gross, low tuned guitars. The CD starts with “Hidden Perversions” and his massive use of the bass drum. The riffs are sloppy on the rhythmic session, in order to be even more obscure and perverted. There are a lot of breaks in which some more melodic parts enter to create a great balance between the gore elements and the more accessible passages. The main role for the veiled melodies and the gore atmosphere is by the guitars and the vocals. “Sweet Lobotomy” also shows some more melodic overtures by the lead guitars under the massive distortion. As always, the tempo is never too fast and some up tempo parts are enough to give variety to the obscure and lifeless sound. The snare drum sound is metallic and in contraposition to the low guitars tone and the not too clear bass drum. The groove is always important for Avulsed; far more than the sheer violence and speed, so check out “Powdered Flesh” and the manic riffage with lots of tempo changes and stop and go parts. “Goreality”, “Gangrened Divined Stigma” and “Frozen Meat” are faster but they never surpass the up tempo and they are always filled with the gore, rotten mid-paced parts. The riffs are putrid and sometimes we can find those voluntary perverted and melodic guitars passages. A more obscure and morbid atmosphere can be found on the following “Ecstasy for Decayed Chunks” and when they point on the dark melodies of the guitars they are the best. “Killing Astral Projections” is again very good for this reason and it mixes perfectly the sheer brutality with it. “Bodily Ransack” is more concentrated on the speed before introducing the last song that is a cover by Baron Rojo and sounds a bit more rock in style with the unique gore touch. It’s a very good cover and the refrain is funny with the growl tonality. However, even the lead parts are very well-done and they conserve that obscure tonality to they end perfectly this little gem in gore death. It’s too overlooked but surely worth more than just a fast listen. This is simply an almost obligatory stopover for those who appreciate this music and for those who are tired of listening to always the same bands and albums. Track listing: 1. Hidden Perversion 2. Sweet Lobotomy 3. Powdered Flesh 4. Goreality 5. Gangrened Divine Stigma 6. Frozen Meat 7. Ecstacy For Decayed Chunks 8. Killin Astral Projections 9. Bodily Ransack 10. Resistire-Baron Rojo cover

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