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Avulsed -Stabwound Orgasm MC


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Still sealed official license made Indonesian tape with slipcase

Stabwound Orgasm is the third album from the Spanish death metal act Avulsed. Earth shattering death metal that that comes with some beautiful and massive riffs. This band has melody and almost decipherable growling with counter-growling. Avulsed blast the crap out of all the mediocre, brainless, lets play as loud and fast as possible, grindcore bands that clutter the music shelves with their refuse.

Track list:
1. Amidst the Macabre
2. Stabwound Orgasm
3. Blessed By Gore
4. Compulsive Hater
5. Eminence In Putrescenc
6. Exorcismo Vaginal
7. Anthro-Pet-Phagus
8. Homeless Necrophile
9. Nice Rotting Eyes
10. Skinless
11. Coprotherapy
12. Virtual Massacre

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