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Still sealed. Us pressed music cassette. Clear cassette with grey text.

The Awful Truth were an American Progressive Metal trio. They released one album before calling it quits. Out of their ashes, however, another more successful band would rise, called Galactic Cowboys. To be honest, even though I think Galactic Cowboys are good, I prefer The Awful Truth by far, the reason being that the album is as great as progressive metal can get. The Awful Truth is a Christian band. For some weird reason most Christian bands (especially the ones that are on a soul conquering quest for God) seem to pale in comparison to similar bands that aren’t religiously inspired. If all Christian bands were like this, I’d have no choice but to admit that there is a god after all. But let’s not put too much emphasis on the content of the lyrics. With music like this they could be singing about poodles or salad dressing for all I care. Without going into detail the music is somewhat akin to that of another excellent Progressive band with whom they not only happen to share the Christian aspect but also the producer (Sam Taylor). That band is King’s X. They both are melodic Prog bands that for the most part play at low to mid tempo speeds, and whose guitar and bass riffs sometimes add a certain groove. In both bands the singing is very melodic and the choruses make frequent use of vocal harmonies. The similarity is not always present, though. The Awful Truth tends to be more ethereal and while King’s X has something slightly soulful to their sound (thanks to Doug Pinnick’s voice in most part), that aspect is absent in Awful Truth. But when it comes to quality this album can easily stand comparison with the best stuff Pinnick & Co ever released. In short, if you like downtempo melodic Progressive Metal and heavier types of Progressive Rock with lots of vocal harmonies, pick up a copy of ‘The Awful Truth’ when you ever come across it.

Track list:
1. It Takes So Long
2. Circle Of Pain
3. I Should Have Known All Along
4. Higher
5. Ghost Of Heaven
6. No Good Reason
7. Drowing Man
8. Mary

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Metal Blade Records

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7 73432-4