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2017 re-issue of this 1987 monster. Double album on black vinyls with two inserts and ten bonus tracks. Limited 200 copies

When heavy metal music was savage, uncompromising, ruthless and evil then was the time when many us metal bands had their chance of eating a slice of the metal pie. Most of them did not succeed in something more than releasing a couple – the max – of albums plus some regional gigs, while their albums are now much sought-after items on collectors lists. Axemaster surely belong to this list and Blessing In The Skies gives you a good opportunity to dive into the glorious past of heavy metal. Axemaster from Ohio inked a record deal with the infamous Azra label, where this album, Blessing In The Skies, first appeared in 1987. This re-issue features no less than 10 bonus demo tracks which makes this a must have for any fan of US metal bands such us Armed Forces, Omen, Jag Panzer, Savage Grace, Steel Assasin and so on

Track list:
1. The Prophecy/Golgotha
2. Blood Of The Temple
3. Rock Forever
4. Without A Trace
5. Crusades
6. Demon Machine
7. The Reaper
8. Slave To The Blade
9. The Predator
10. Naked Eye
11. Heretical Valor
12. The Power
13. Snake Charmer
14. Axemaster
15. Phantom Armies
16. Black Dungeons
17. Secrets Untold
18. False Consciousness
19. Full Moon At Dawn

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Pure Steel Records

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