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Axewitch ‎–Pray For Metal cd


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2019 remastered version with 12 bonus tracks

It all started back in 1979 when Magnus first met Anders and Tommy at a local music store. These 3 rockers started a band called Hazy and together with a drummer named Rolf Holmstrom they played mostly covers by Rush, Judas Priest, UFO and also some original tunes. The band broke up and Magnus and Tommy started a band called Iron Haze that became Black Stone. Anders reformed Hazy with Michael and Mats and in the early 1981 they pursued Magnus and Tommy to join the band and they changed name to Axewitch. They immediately started to write songs on their own as well as playing different covers. They were soon playing all over Sweden so in January of 1982 they recorded their first demo which featured 3 songs, 2 originals and one cover of a Judas Priest song. Their first demo was getting a great response from magazines and record companies. So in the summer of 82 they recorded their first EP called ‘Pray For Metal’ on their own label Axe records. They pressed 500 copies on 6 different colours (green, red, blue, black, orange and one more). Then in late 1982 a record company in Stockholm called Web Records wanted to re-release their first EP on their label so they pressed up a few thousand more. That release of ‘Pray For Metal’ went straight in to the charts at number 7 as one of the 10 most imported metal records in England. Its no surprise that it was well received in the Uk. The album has a very Nwobhm feel with its traditional metal sound.

Track list:
1. Born In A Hell
2. Heavy Revolution
3. In The End Of The World
4. Death Angel
5. Axewitch-demo 1982
6. Nightmare-demo 1982
7. Beyond The Realms Of Death-demo 1982
8. We Salute This Town-demo 1986
9. Dance To The Music-demo 1986
10. Four Wheel Drive-demo 1986
11. It’s A Lie-live 1985
12. City’s On Fire / Shadows Through The Night-live 1985
13. Back To Reality-live 1985
14. Four Centuries Ago-live 1985
15. Back In Trouble-live 1985
16. Antisocial-live 1981

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