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Axewitch ‎–Hooked On High Heels cd


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2019 restored and remastered with 1 bonus track. Limited 500 copies

Saying that Sweden has a great tradition when it comes to heavy metal, is as obvious as saying that the sky is blue. Axewitch maybe weren’t as known as let’s say Candlemass, Heavy Load or Europe, but managed to leave great legacy, and all 4 albums they released back in the day, have legendary status. In 1982, shortly after doing first demo tape, the band debuted with a 4-track EP entitled Pray For Metal. While they were not hiding the fact, that they were inspired by British acts such as Judas Priest, their very first recordings already presented their very own and unique sound. Two allbums later bass player Tommy Brage left and Magnus Hedin joined and the band made another tour in Sweden. Between shows Magnus Jarl and Anders Wallentoft managed to write lots of new songs and around sprint time of 1985 they locked themselfs in the studio to record pre-production demos for their third full lenght album. Things seemed to be moving smoothly when all of a sudden another shift rocked the band’s very foundation, promting the Johansson brothers to pack their bags and leave. The three remaining members soon found a new guitarist in Klas Wollberg and were suppose to go to Deceibel Studios in Stockholm were they had recorded their earlier albums but their label Fingerprint records had failed to pay the bills so the studio werent interested to have anything to do with the bands on that label. Instead they headed to the Stage And Music Studios in Norrköping in June to record their new album Hooked On High Heels. The band had to permanent drummer at the tiem so a good firiend of the band, named Per-Ove Johansson did the studio session for the album. New skinman Abbe Enhörning arrived a little too late as the recording were already finished. Although his picture can be seen on the back cover of the allbum, he didn’t play a single note on it. The cover artwork was made up by the label. The band asked to see the blueprint upfront but the record company claimd that there wouldn’t be enough time to mail it out because manufacturing arrangements were imminent. It’s hard not to imagine how shocked the band was when they first spotted the finished product in the stores. Never hailed as a classic in the same way as the earlier albums but still a lovely 80s metal album. Enjoy tracks such as the opener City On Fire, Backstage Queen, Nightcomers or that driving guitar riff in the opening of Evolution. Axewitch deserved more.

Track list:
1. Citys On Fire
2. Evolution
3. Too Much Hollywood
4. World Of Illusion
5. Nightcomers
6. Tracks Of Blood
7. Alpha And Omega
8. Shadows Through The Night
9. Backstage Queen
10. Leather And Passion
11. A Final Word-demo 1985

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