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Axis Of Advance -Purify 10″


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Black vinyl. Limited 500 copies

Canadian black war metal act Axis Of Advance released this EP in January of 2006. This was recorded in Edmonton, Canada and mastered in Sweden at Berno Studio. The end result is a splendid little EP that has a sound way thicker than their last album, Obey. The production is crisp but the guitars are more distorted and the sound is heavier on the bass and drums. If youre a fan of their earlier material then this might come as a shock that takes a while to get used to but give it a couple of spins and you will find that this EP sounds harsh as hell. In terms of songwriting, Purify combines the chaotic riff structure of Strike with the catchy and doom moments of The List and Obey. The result is an album that’s both easy to follow along with and blindingly complex. The track Tactics Forth was originally released on the four-way split Awaiting the Glorious Damnation of Mankind. It was re-recorded for this EP. As Axis of Advance albums go, Purify is right up there with Obey and Strike, despite its slightly shorter duration. There’s no filler here — these are some of the best songs Axis of Advance have ever written. You get five excellent songs at an EP price, so there’s no excuse for not getting Purify! Highest recommendations.

Track listing:
1. Foundation: Artifice Descends
2. Deceivers Purged
3. Edifice: The Power of Three
4. Tactics Forth
5. Pinnacle: Hail the End

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