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Ayreon – Into The Electric Castle


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Double disc. Arjen Anthony Lucassen – electric and acoustic guitars, mandoline, bassguitar, mimimoog, mellotron & keyboards Ed Warby – all drums Robby Valentine – all pianos, synth solos on 2, 3 (disc one) and 4 (disc two), mellotron on 6 (disc two) Clive Nolan – synth solos on 3 (disc one) Rene Merkelbach – synth solos on 5 (disc one) and 7 (disc two), harpsichord on 2 (disc two) Ton Scherpenzeel – synth solos on 5 (disc two) Roland Bakker – all hammonds Thijs van Leer – flute on 3, 4(disc one) 2 and 3 (disc two) Erno Olah – violins Taco Kooistra – celli Jack Pisters – sitar Singers (in order of appearance): Fish as the 'Highlander' Sharon den Adel as the 'Indian' Damian Wilson as the 'Knight' Edwin Balogh as the 'Roman' Anneke van Giersbergen as the 'Egyptian' Jay van Feggelen as the 'Barbarian' Arjen Anthony Lucassen as the 'Hippie' Edward Reekers as the 'Voice' Robert Westerholt & George Oosthoek as 'Death' Tracklist: 1. Welcome To The New Dimension 2. Isis And Osiris 3. Amazing Flight 4. Time Beyond Time 5. The Decision Tree (We're Alive) 6. Tunnel Of Light 7. Across The Rainbow Bridge 8. The Garden Of Emotions 9. Valley Of The Queens 10. The Castle Hall 11. Tower Of Hope 12. Cosmic Fusion 13. The Mirror Maze 14. Evil Devolution 15. The Two Gates 16. "Forever" Of The Stars 17. Another Time, Another Space

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