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Azaghal -Perkeleen Luoma cd


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Azaghal is one of Finland’s most enduring black metal acts and a band that sold their souls to the never ending darkness. In particular mastermind Narqarth ensures that the Satanic aura is omnipresent. Their 2004 album Perkeleen Luoma has a guitar sound that is harsh and cold, the way it is meant to be. In general it can be said that everybody who likes the band’s further albums, for example “Nemesis” or “Teraphim”, will enjoy big parts of “Perkeleen Luoma”. Azaghal is Azaghal and nothing else. Songs that embody fanatic hatred are combined with less fierce numbers, but the overdose of misanthropy is reflected by every regular song, only the intro and the aforementioned title track send slightly different signals. The vocals by Varjoherra are the perfect black metal screams: cold, intense and even frightening sometimes. One can call them headstrong, stubborn or inflexible. But nobody can will dare to claim that “Perkeleen Luoma” is a lukewarm work. It mirrors the passion and conviction of the band members. This fact and the big number of hellish hits make it easy for me to recommend this album.

1. Helvettiin-intro
2. Rutonkantaja
3. Käärmeen Laulu
4. Verenkirous
5. Kuoleman Kylmä Ikuisuus
6. Perkeleen Kitaan
7. Riivaaja
8. Perkeleen Luoma
9. Orja
10. Filosofi

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