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Azmodan a one man sombre, symphonic and atmospheric black metal project run by Lord Azmodan from Ludwigsburg in Germany. Lord Azmodan released two albums during his active years, Evil Obscurity in 1998 and Of Angels And Demons in 1999. This second and final album is impressive. Just listen to the title track and im sure you will be amazed. The album has a mixture of high speed riffs, slow melancholic passages and melodic keyboard arrangements. There are both distortion vocals and clean vocals as well as a female guest vocalist which gives the songs a distinct personal note. The key is extremely powerful because the sound is clear, and the key is constantly beautiful. To listen to this album is to walk into a world full of sadness but also beauty. Cant see why symphonic black metal lovers shouldnt love this one. Fans into Dimmu Borgir, Crystal Abyss and the likes should check it out.

Track listing:
1. The Lord Of Sin
2. Of Angels And Demons
3. Princess Of Blood
4. Dark Tides Rising
5. Vampyre Romance
6. In Ancient Days
7. Subtile Essays On Curiosity

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IG 1006