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Babylon A.D. ‎–American Blitzkrieg lp


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Black vinyl with lyric insert. Limited 400 numbered copies

When a trend is hot, you can safely assume that most major labels will want to get in on the action. In the late 1980s, glossy pop-metal was hot — and Arista tried to get in on the action by signing Babylon A.D., whose self-titled debut album draws on such influences as Def Leppard, Quiet Riot, and Bon Jovi. Their sophomore effort, Nothing Sacred, followed in 1992 and after spending several years with Arista and following a five-year hiatus, the band changed record label and released American Blitzkrieg in 1999. Despite a lot of musical shifts during their hiatus, Babylon A.D. stick to the style that got them this far: a style that sounds like it was directly plucked from 1989. Anthemic hair metal with a tough edge is the name of the game here, especially on such selections as the title track and Magic Mary, while The Sky’s Falling takes the aggression down a notch or two — momentarily. Additionally, there are a few tracks that sound remarkably like the style that supergroup Velvet Revolver would embrace a few years down the road, most noticeably on the album-closing Superstar. Sometimes it takes rock bands a few releases to get back to where they were earlier after an extended period away from the scene. But on American Blitzkrieg, Babylon A.D. pick up exactly where they left off.

Track list:
1. American Blitzkrieg
2. Magic Mary
3. I Wanna Live
4. Sinking In The Sand
5. The Skys Falling
6. The Unreal
7. One Way Ride
8. Glyde
9. SuperStar

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