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Bad Axe from Michigan, have been one of the great unsung heroes of the early 80s, whose only album back in 1986 (Contradiction To The Rule), remains to this day a highly sought after collector’s item. Despite the fantastic music on the album, due to the fact that it’s so hard to find, many metal fans were not given the chance to listen to masterpieces like “The Last Knight”, “The Ice Queen”, “All The Great Magicians” etc. This 2015 reissue has a great remastered sound and a 12-page booklet containing lyrics, photos and band story written by Rusty Wright, a multitalented singer, bass and guitar player who was the mastermind behind Bad Axe. After nearly 30 years from its initial release, time to pay tribute to one great band….a true unsung hero of the 80’s!

Track list:
1. All The Dead Magicians
2. The Ice Queen
3. Love On The Run
4. Flakattak
5. The Last Knight
6. Mystified
7. Runner On The Wind
8. You Cant Stop Me Now
9. Big Knobs

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