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Bad Boys –Turn On The Radio cd


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Bad Boys from Utah were a long concealed secret for most of us outside of the Salt Lake City rock scene. Having first appeared in the late 80’s, this dual guitar hard rock band thrilled fans in the Salt Lake City area and eventually on the Sunset Strip in L.A.. The 11 tracks consists of two demos. Five of the tracks were recorded in 1988 and the remaining six in 1989. The album opens with the track Bad Boy that sounds like one of those classic hair metal bands from the Sunset Strip era but the album after that shows a band that were far more melodic hardrock rock than glam or sleaze. So think of classics bands as Icon, Firehouse, Ivory Tower or Agentz and maybe you get an idea of what Bad Boys sounds like.

Track list:
1. Bad Boy
2. More Than She Can Handle
3. Love Me Tonight
4. Turn On The Radio
5. Make It On Time
6. Bake Yer Brain
7. Can’t Stop
8. Judgement Day
9. Rock Tonight / Love Reaction
10. Guillotine
11. Loves On The Line

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