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Bad Religion ‎–Big Bang vhs


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Original Semaphore/Tribal PAL version VHS

Big Bang is a must have vhs featuring tons of material filmed during 18 of their shows during their Against The Grain tour of 1991. Some of the material from this vhs was later re-issue by Epitaph on their Punk O Rama dvds but to get the access to all of the material then you have to hunt down this vhs that has become a much sought for item as it was only released in Germany back in 1992.

Track list:
1. Modern Man
2. Change Of Ideas
3. Big Bang
4. Suffer
5. Flat Earth Society
6. No Control
7. Operation Rescue
8. Along The Way
9. Do What You Want
10. Faith Alone
11. Automatic Man
12. Heaven Is Falling
13. Sometimes It Feels Like
14. What Can I Do
15. Get Off
16. Sanity
17. Henchman
18. 21st Century Digital Boy
19. Turn On The Light
20. I Want Something More
21. We Only Gonna Die
22. You
23. I Want To Conquer The World
24. Anestesia

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Semaphore ‎/ Tribal Video

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