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Bang Your Head Festival 2007 2dvd


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Still sealed double dvd in slipcase cover

True to form, the 2007 edition of one of Germany’s, and thus one of Europe’s, biggest Hard Rock and Metal festivals, Bang Your Head is documented on this full packed double dvd. Witness the bands rocking on stage, take a look behind the scenes, and you even might discover yourself in the audience. Revive the unique atmosphere the Bank Your Head Festival is famous for one more time and at your home. The 2007 edition saw an overall of 24 bands rocked the festival and the war up show. More than three hours of material so it will be well worth the money for the festival goer for the memories involved.

Track list:
1. Adramelch –Was Called Empire
2. Wolf – I Will Kill Again
3. Girlschool –Demolition Boys
4. Girlschool –Emergency
5. Girlschool –Take It All Away
6. Praying Mantis –Children Of The Earth
7. Praying Mantis –Turn The Tables
8. Lethal –Immune
9. Lethal –Killing Machine
10. Vicious Rumors –Soldiers Of The Night
11. Vicious Rumors –Sonic Rebellion
12. Evergrey –A Touch Of Blessing
13. Evergrey –The Masterplan
14. Dark Tranquillity –Blind At Heart
15. Dark Tranquillity –Final Resistance
16. Thunder –Robert Johnson’s Tombstone
17. Thunder –You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down
18. Amon Amarth –Asator
19. Heaven & Hell –The Mob Rules-live Radio City Hall
20. Age Of Evil –Eye For An Eye-pre show party
21. Age Of Evil –Call Me Evil-pre show party
22. Age Of Evil –You Can’t Change Me
23. Archer -Mother Mary
24. Mystic Prophecy –Master Of Sins
25. Mystic Prophecy –Evil Empires
26. Powermad –Slaughterhouse
27. Powermad –Blind Leading The Blind
28. Mercenary –My Secret Window
29. Mercenary –11 Dreams
30. Brainstorm –Blind Suffering
31. Nazareth –Razamanaz
32. Nazareth –This Flight Tonight
33. Nazareth –I Want To (Do Everything For You)
34. Edguy –Save Me
35. Edguy –King Of Fools
36. Lethal –Fire In Your Skin
37. Lethal –Programmed
38. Onslaught –Burn
39. Onslaught –Power From Hell
40. Vicious Rumors –March Or Die
41. Vicious Rumors –Lady Took A Chance

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