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Banshee –The Madness cd


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Kansas City metallers Banshee was formed in the mid-80s by Tommy Lee Flood (vocals), Terry Dunn (guitar), Bill Westfall (bass) and Ken Burnham (drums) and they operated in musical territory somewhere between the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal bands and American power-metal groups. The band released their Cry In The Night EP themselves in August of 1986 and it gained enough buzz to get them signed to both Metal Blade and Roadrunner who both re-released the EP in 1988. Metal Blade also promoted the band by putting the opening track on their Metal Massacre IX album the same year. Things loocked so bright for the band when they were offered a record deal with the major record company Atlantic Records but instead it meant just “big label commercial pressure” and their second album Race Against Time didnt live up to the sales figures the label wanted to bother about a metal band so the band were dropped and the band members started to go their separate ways. Msot of he members however were soon back together and kept recording demos before releasing the album Take Em By Storm in 1993, and the follow up, Mindslave, in 2012. By the time Mindslave was released then the band were down to just guitarist Terry Dune as the original member and vocals were now handed by George Call who had a bit gruffier voice then Tommy Lee Flood and the band started to go in a heavier direction. This lead us to album number fifth, The Madness, which probably is the heaviest album the band have done in their career. Opening up with Metal Morphosis, sounding like Judas Priest in 1991 and ending with a Black Sabbath cover that fits the concept and theme of the album so well. This is a much better album than I was expecting from Banshee after all these years. I love this new direction. Thumbs up

Track list:
1. Metal Morphosis
2. Psychosis
3. Demons (In My Head)
4. The Madness
5. Cerebral
6. Ingrid (Ballad Of An Ex Wife)
7. Into The Breakdown
8. Dead Inside
9. Red Sails In The Sunset
10. Slippin Away-Black Sabbath cover

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