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Baphomet -The Dead Shall Inherit lp


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2017 press on black vinyl with printed innersleeve

This New York-based death metal combo released their first and only album in 1992. After a few demos and a couple of seven inches Baphomet were signed to Peaceville, which led to the underground death metal classic album ‘The Dead Shall Inherit’. After the album Baphomet were forced to change their name to Banished due to another Baphomet in Germany, but that is another story. The Dead Shall Inherit album has revered as a cult classic of pulverising heaviness. This band developed a strong profile alongside fellow New Yorkers Suffocation and Immolation, shaping the brutal end of the vibrant early 1990’s Death Metal scene.

Track listing:
1. The Suffering
2. Through Deviant Eyes
3. Leave The Flesh
4. Valley Of The Dead
5. Torn Soul
6. Vile Reminiscence
7. Boiled In Blood
8. The Age Of Plague
9. Infection Of Death
10. Streaks Of Blood

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