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Barbarian -Live At Thrash Nightmare Vol. 9 lp


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Black vinyl with insert. Limited 150 copies

An official live bootleg by old school metal band Barbarian from the ninth edition of the underground metal festival Thrash Nightmare in Pisek, Czech Republic. You get an energetic and raw live recording from this great and unforgettable show at the sold-out festival featuring some of the leading names within the European black/thrash scene. Borys from Barbarian has the following to say about this release: We never had any plans of releasing a live album, but we felt so comfortable at Thrash Nightmare Fest and the level of energy was so high, that these recordings just couldn’t stay shelved. The album comes with a front cover featuring the poster artwork with all the band logos as well as cool drawing of Hellbutcher of Nifelheim in the upper right corner

Track list:
1. Intro
2. The Hammer And The Anvil
3. Faith Extinguisher
4. Whisper My Name
5. Birth And Death Of Rish’ah
6. Viperface
7. Charity Defiler
8. Fourteen Daggers
9. Absolute Metal
10. Rain Of Fire

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