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Barbi Benton -Aint That Just The Way lp [sweden]


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Reduced price due to cover being g+ (bent marks, ringwear, sticker etc on cover) and vinyl being vg+

Rare Sweden only album

Undoubtedly the most popular Playboy bunny of the 1970s, Barbie Benton. Her early albums featured a superb team of top notch Nashville session musicians to back her up. In 1975 she released a single called The Reverend Bob and it would be the B-side, Ain’t That Just The Way, that would become a major hit in Scandinavia, especially in Sweden, topping the Swedish singles chart for 10 weeks in 1977. It also topped the charts in Finland and reaching position 2 in Norway. Barbi released an album with the same name in 1978 and it was only released in Scandinavia.This time around it was not only the Nashville musicians that helped out. For the Ain’t That Just The Way album the label brought in a lot of guest to help out. Among them we find Deep Purple drummer Roger Glover and Whitesnake members David Coverdale and Mick Moody. The three of them wrote a track together called Up In The Air but Mick Moody worked on some more track while he also played guitar on the whole album while Roger Glover laid down some drums as well as taking over the job as producer for the album. The album in itself were much in style with her previous works with country pop gems and emotional ballads. For any rocker this is the most interesting of her albums as its topped with that bluesy guitar work from Mick Moody

Track list:
1. Ain’t That Just The Way
2. It’s Hard To Say Goodbye (It’s Hard To Say Hello)
3. It’s A Long Way To Heaven
4. Up In The Air
5. Take Some And Give Some (And Leave Some Behind)
6. I Don’t Know If I’ll Ever Love Again
7. Isn’t It Always Love
8. One Step From Your Arms
9. Morning, Noon And Nightime
10. Close Your Eyes
11. Better Days

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