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Bars Of Gold –Shelters cd


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Detroit sextet Bars Of Gold was formed out of members of the post-hardcore act Bear Vs. Shark. This outing however ventures more into post rock, indie compared to the members previous act. Someone also suggested they shed one of their three guitarists. But Bars of Gold is built on the bonds between their musical family, so instead of reducing their numbers, they fortified them by adding a fourth guitarist before the recording of their 2019 album, Shelter. And when you listen to this album its about impossible not to be swept up in the the tidal forcefulness of their gutsy, guitar-heavy songs. Its an ambient post-rock record with torrential rhythms, a folk-metal foray with extremely keen sensibilities for dynamics, it’s math rock for the pub, it’s CBGBs if CBGBs were on the shore of a Great Lake, and it’s also probably effectively evocative if you were to set it as a soundtrack to footage of mountain-bike stunts, parkour, or skateboard rail shreds. Try to dance to it and you twist an ankle, try to sing along with it and you might go hoarse, but if you do anything, just let the guitars, all four of them, wash over you in a gracefully interwoven sonic ballet of melodic distortion and taut, reverb-soaked riffs.

Track list:
1. Worthless Chorus
2. Atlantic City
3. $20
4. Sometimes
5. Beans
6. Madonna
7. Montana
8. Plywood To Pine
9. G

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