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Bat –Wings Of Chains lp


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Black vinyl with lyric insert

A 12-song firestorm of filth and fury. By now, Bat’s esteemed membership is well known and their collective experience bleeds through every gnarled note here. But more than that, such hard-charging and immediately headbanging speed metal can only come from total diehards who intimately know the secret of steel. From the opening Bloodhounds on down to the band’s titular theme song, Bat barrel forth like filth hounds of Hades, pounding metal with violence and force, leaving Total Wreckage in their wake. If any doubters do exist, the band will exercise Cruel Discipline in teaching the Rule Of The Beast, culminating in their raison d’etre – Code Rude! Endlessly wild without sacrificing any seriousness, Wings Of Chains wraps itself around your earlobes and commands instant thralldom – but when heavy metal is this dirty and memorable, who’s to argue

Track list:
1. Bloodhounds
2. Code Rude
3. Master of the Skies
4. Primitive Age
5. Condemner
6. Ritual Fool
7. Wings Of Chains
8. Total Wreckage
9. Rule Of The Beast
10. You Die
11. Cruel Discipline
12. Bat

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