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Bathory -Burnin Leather 1983-1995 cd


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Cd in 7” size gatefold sleeve with poster, booklet and sticker. Limited 500 copies

A collection of rare tracks from the 20-year career and too-short life of Quorthon, the mastermind behind the Swedish Black / Viking Metal legends Bathory. The album concentrates on the primitive Scandinavian Black Metal sound that defined much of his 1980s output, with You Don’t Move Me (I Don’t Give a Fuck), Burnin’ Leather, Die in Fire, In Nomine Satanas and Satan My Master. But its not all about the early years we also have the track Valhalla here in an unreleased version with multitrack backing vocals.

Track listing:
1. Rider At The Gate Of Dawn
2. Crawl To Your Cross
3. Sacrifice
4. You Dont Move Me (I Dont Give A Fuck)
5. The Return Of Darkness And Evil
6. Burnin Leather
7. Die In Fire
8. Satan My Master
9. In Nomine Satanas
10. Resolution Greed
11. Witchcraft
12. Valhalla-backing vocals multi-track samples
13. Genocide
14. Cronos Attack
15. God Save The Queen-Sex Pistols cover
16. War Pigs-Black Sabbath cover
17. Ace Of Spades-Motorhead cover
18. Black Diamond-Kiss cover
19. Deuce-Kiss cover
20. Im Only Sleeping-The Beatles cover

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