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Batmania Music From The Dark Knight And Other Batman Movies 3cd


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Three cd set in digipak cover

Since the dawn of the original comic book, through the campy TV series right up to the series of films, Batman has evolved into something much more dark than our imaginations ever wanted to know about! This triple disc set features the Global Stage Orchestra performing the scores of three of the most popular Batman motion pictures: Batman Forever, Batman Begins and, of course, the Dark Knight. The original compositions with music from Danny Elfman, Elliot Goldenthal, James Newton Howard and especially the material from Hans Zimmer’s The Dark Knight were all great in its original form. Here we have the Global Stage Orchestra versions which is far from any orchestral versions. Instead they have tried to be creative and performs the music on synthesizers. Its still very similar to the original music but not just as great in my opinion. However there are 30 tracks on here and the cd sells for a bargain price. So buy and judge for yourself

Track list:
1. Why So Serious-from The Dark Knight
2. Harvey Two-Face-from The Dark Knight
3. A Dark Knight-from The Dark Knight
4. Aggressive Expansion-from The Dark Knight
5. Blood On My Hands-from The Dark Knight
6. I Am The Batman-from The Dark Knight
7. Watch The World Burn-from The Dark Knight
8. I’m Not A Hero-from The Dark Knight
9. Eptisicus-from Batman Begins
10. Myotis-from Batman Begins
11. Tadarida-from Batman Begins
12. Macrotus-from Batman Begins
13. Nycteris-from Batman Begins
14. Lasiurus-from Batman Begins
15. Corynorhinus-from Batman Begins
16. Chase Blanc-from Batman Forever
17. Victory-from Batman Forever
18. The Pull Of Regret-from Batman Forever
19. The Perils Of Gotham-from Batman Forever
20. Chase Noir-from Batman Forever
21. Mouth To Mouth Nocturne-from Batman Forever
22. Two-Face Three Step-from Batman Forever
23. The Cemetery-from Batman Begins
24. The Rise And Fall From Grace-from Batman Begins
25. Sore Spots-from Batman Begins
26. The Children’s Hour-from Batman Begins
27. The Final Confrontation-from Batman Begins
28. End Credits-from Batman Begins
29. The Finale-from Batman Begins
30. Batman Theme-from Batman

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