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Beaten To Death ‎–Agronomicon MC


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Norwegian pressed music cassette. White cassette with paper label. Limited 50 numbered copies

Melody and grindcore is two words that seems like an oxymoron but Oslo’s Beaten To Death managed to include them both in their music and pulls it off with great success and wicked wit. The band are able to swing between and combine two extremes but still have it make total sense. Even the disparity of injecting scarf-wearing indie rock suspended chords into riffs reeking of latter-day Brutal Truth quirkiness sounds natural, slick and smooth. What becomes noticeable as the album goes on, especially during its second half, is that Agronomicon is Beaten To Death firing off at its heaviest, noisiest and most brutal. Still, they sound like nothing else out there and have only created an album that has shifted their own sound and style to rewrite the rule book as they continue to play by their own rules. And if you can decode the sentiment behind that last sentence, Beaten To Death might just be the band for you.

Track list:
1. Grind Korn
2. Dere Er Herved Oppløst
3. Catch Twentyfvck
4. Bjørnstjerne Ibsen
5. Intro To The Next Song
6. Agronomicon
7. Gå, Snuble, Bli Liggende
8. Extremely Run To The Hills
9. Boy George Michael Bolton
10. Havregubbens Dolk
11. Livet Tar, Og Livet Tar
12. Eternal Punished Septic

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