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The Beatles ‎–Help dvd


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Amaray case with the movie Help. Chose from English, German, Spanish or French soundtrack. With lots of bonus material

Richard Lester returned to direct the second feature film starring the Beatles. Ringo purchases an unusual ring which marks him as the sacrificial victim of an obscure Eastern cult. The cult members, Clang (Leo McKern) and Ahme (Eleanor Bron), attempt to capture him and the chase is on. Strings of sight gags, one-liners and musical numbers boost the storyline. The Beatles have never been as good on film as they were here, supported by an excellent cast (Oh, Elanor Bron). As an aside, this film is an exact contemporary of the Dave Clark Five’s “Catch Us If You Can” – indeed they ran simultaneously on differing cinema circuits back in 1965. Take a look at that fantasy as well while you are about it. They don’t make them like these any more.

Track list:
1. Help!
2. Lovely Lads
3. Psst … Hey Beatle
4. You’re Gonna Lose That Girl
5. He’s From The West
6. The Specialists
7. You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away
8. Later That Evening
9. Ticket To Ride
10. A Different Religion
11. I Need You / The Night Before
12. A Well Known Palace
13. One More Attempt
14. Another Girl
15. The Best Laid Plans
16. Help! Finale
17. End Credits
18. The Making Of Help
19. Filming Help! At Various Locations-silent footage
20. Radio Caroline Award
21. The Grammy Award Presentation
22. Original Cinema Trailer
23. Help! – The Original Promo For The Single
24. The Making Of Help! (Director’s Cut)
25. Radio Promos
26. Radio Promos 2
27. The Beatles Talk About Help!

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The Beatles

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HI-HI-65 / M-2004