Beautiful Creatures -Deuce lp [red]


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Red vinyl with lyric insert. Limited 300 copies

In 2001, a new metal band hit the scene with a different take on the whole concept of what heavy metal in the new millennium is all about. They were groove rock but not rap rock, they were melodic yet not overly pop, they had screaming vocals by a hair band singer, and blazing guitar solos that would make even Angus Young cream his pants. In other words, it kicked some serious ass and as a result, it was buried by the corporate machine to ensure the last few years of Kid Rock and Limp Bizkits popularity because they clearly would be shown up by a band that actually does get it. The promotion for the self titled debut record was virtually swept under the carpet and the album, while receiving some air play, did not crack the surface of mainstream publicity as much as it should have. Still this did not stop the band and in 2005. Beautiful Creatures recorded with the album Deuce. The musical landscape has changed since 2001. Rap rock is out, and punk pop was in, then theres Beautiful Creature with their guitar driven metal and their attitude. The attitude of the band is illustrated on the very first track, Anyone. The lyrics to the chorus are, I dont want to be just like anyone, I dont want to be just like you. Daring to be different? Can we still do that in rock n roll? The album also has great and diverse vocals from one of metals unsung vocal heroes Joe Leste (also in Bang Tango) with great lyrics, musicianship, and killer guitar solos. Is it perfect? Honestly, it isnt but it certainly is a fine album that deserves its place in your record collection

Track listing:
1. Noir Cirque-intro
2. Straight To Hell
3. Thanks
4. Anyone
5. Freedom
6. Save Me
7. I Still Miss You
8. Brand New Day
9. I Wont Be The One
10. Get You High
11. Superfly
12. The Unknown
13. Ton Of Lead
14. Starr Cross
15. Forgiven
16. Empty
17. Never

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