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Beef -Babylon By Beef 10″ [green]


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Green vinyl 10″. Limited to 500 numbered copies

Beef is a Dutch band who play reggae music. That’s plain and simple, but there is more to it. They play Beef reggae as we would say. The band has adapted reggae and ska rhythms and they succeed in turning it into music with a particular pleasant twist. A little history of the band. They were already veterans in different genres of the Dutch music scene when they joined forces in 1999 to become an All Star Dutch Reggae Massive called, Beef. Their early recordings, released only on cassettes have become collector items. The same goes for this 10 inch EP release “Babylon By Beef”, released before the band delivered first full studio album entitled “Flexodus”

Track list:
1. Telephone Skit
2. Fifty Fifty
3. Riddle Me
4. Bulletproof Vest
5. Beef Are Gonna
6. First Caller

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Drunken Maria Records

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SMR 781