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Behemoth – Sventevith (Storming Near The Baltic)


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Production value is acceptable, with all instruments at equal levels for a balanced feel, but not overproduced in any way, keeping the now famous "black metal atmosphere" present throughout the recordings. The album's first track starts out with a melody that is similar to, but not copying, Emperor's opening track on 'In the Nightside Eclipse". Herein lays the beauty of this album; a keen appreciation and understanding of the aesthetic in early 90's Norwegian black metal, and being able to create an artistic piece that uses that influence without being a rip off copy. Negral is under the belief these days that this strong Norwegian influence on Behemoth's early works is, in fact, too present; a contributing factor to the change in direction he later took to better express himself in an "original" way and not in the way of others. There can be some truth to such statements, but Behemoth had an uncanny skill in creating something genuine that adds to the genre. The songs here are put together too well for there to not be a true understanding of the art form. The melodies, played with distorted riffs, burn brightly over the pounding hypnosis of drumming fury, all the while the bass clearly connects the two, playing the role of intermediary. Vocals screech in established black metal form, giving the listener a feeling of familiarity now expected within these kind of song structures. Surprises include "Ancient", which is a piece that is what it claims to be; a nod to older, traditional, folk songs (of what origin I cannot say; Polish?). Track listing: 1. Chant Of The Eastern Lands 2. The Touch Of Nya 3. From The Pagan Vastlands 4. Hidden In A Fog 5. Ancient 6. Entering The Fantasian Soul 7. Forgotten Cult Of Aldaron 8. Wolves Guard My Coffin 9. Hell dwells In Ice 10. Transylvanian Forest 11. Sventevith (Storming Near The Baltic)

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