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Beherit – Beast Of Beherit – Complete Worxxx


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It's hard to believe that a band like this was actually hated back then, they're so admired now that it's a shame that they never made a comeback. Before the book was finally closed on Nuclear Holocausto's baby demon, they left us an absolutely essential "Best Of" release. The album pretty much has it all that was good about Beherit, even during the "ambient" phase. The album has something from practically everything they ever released, the Demonomancy demo, Down There MC, Dawn Of Satan's Millenium EP, Drawing Down The Moon, Electric Doom Synthesis, H418ov21.C, Seventh Blasphemy MC, some live tracks from their gig in Rihimaki '92 and even threw in a Blasphemy cover to boot. The material is nothing short of legendary, truely great and timeless Black Metal music. Putting in a tiny handful of Ambient tracks is good because it's shows how diverse they were. They were not a one dimensional band, after they went through their "Blasphemy worship" phase from the earliest era, they discovered their own sound through 'Drawing Down The Moon'. Salomon's Gate and Nocturnal Evil captured a more desolate and elaborate side to Beherit, less messy sounding and more confident in their own sound. Darkspace were listening closely and took notes from those tracks. Even the two live tracks are great because it just showed how good they were live. This release is so good that it will make you want to explore the actual albums in depth and trust me you won't be disappointed. For Novices this is all you need, for the fans who want more, check out their catalogue to fill your need, this is a great starting point for anyone who have not heard Beherit before. Tracklist: 1. Beast of damnation 2. Hail sathanas 3. Fallen souls 4. Six days with lord diabolus 5. Nocturnal evil 6. Salomon's gate 7. Dead inside 8. Beyond vision 9. Paradise, of thy demonic host 10. War command (Blasphemy cover) 11. E-scape 12. Grave desecration 13. Witchcraft 14. Ghost of death 15. Black arts (Live) 16. Werewolf, semen and blood (Live) Tracks taken from: 1, 2 : Dawn of Satan's Millenium EP 3, 4 : Down There… MC 5, 6 : Drawing Down The Moon 7, 8 : Electric Doom Synthesis 9 : Studio Session 1990 10 : Blasphemy Cover 11 : H418ov21.C 12, 13 : Demonomancy MC 14 : Seventh Blasphemy MC 15, 16 : Live in Riihimaki 8-21-1992

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