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Beherit – The Oath Of Black Blood


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Remastered digipack version. The Oath of Black Blood is one of the messiest, ugliest black metal excretions ever created. The primal essence of this release lies in its simplicity. With The Oath Of Black Blood, Beherit created a new splinter off the still-forming black metal subculture, left a huge mark, a wake of destruction, and a new route, while the music was still impressionable in its infancy. This saw the rise of drone black metal, a form of music so hideous and feral, fusing the common death metal of the late-80's/early-90's with a enigmatic, evil-obsessed, enhancement that totally surpassed the boundaries bands the likes of Bathory, Hellhammer, Sepultura, Possessed, etc. (and even Venom), barely even began to reach. An utterly brutal, ultraviolently-unholy influence was now present and fully disfigured music from that day forth. With any form of droning music, a repetitive rhythm must be present. For the most part of this record, the drumming is one steady stream, later made popular by bands such as Darkthrone, and eventually coming to be known as blast-beats. The two guitars are very grimy and raw, adding a very raw and grinding feel to the music. Bass is present, but may as well be nonexistent. The vocals are a highlight, for sure, and are some of the sickest vomits ever recorded. Holocausto discards all previously accepted singing methods, and pervades the recorded song with disgusting, spite-ridden growls, tweaked to sound like a constant stream of vomit. The overall feel to the music is very droney and trance-inducing. There are a couple shorter ritual-esque tracks, which foreshadowed the bands eventual path. But this release will always remain their best material (alongside Drawing Down the Moon, of course). Finland has spawned some of the most creative and proactive musicians to ever exist. Track listing: 1. Intro 2. Metal Of Death 3. The Oath Of Black Blood 4. Grave Desecration 5. Witchcraft 6. Goat Worship 7. Demonomacy 8. Black Mass Prayer 9. Beast Of Damnation 10. Hail Satanhas 11. Dawn Of Satan's Millennium

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