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Belphegor ‎–Lucifer Incestus MC


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German pressed music cassette. Black cassette with black text. Limited 200 copies

Belphegor is a supreme death/ black art act from Austria that from the screaming nuns to the chanted vocals of this fourth album delivers violence and fury at full velocity. Once again excellent drumming, intricate guitar leads, and screams and growls to perfection. They have cranked it up in speed to Panzer level and added utter brutality. The production is clearer so each instrument stands out. The drum especially sounds great. Belphegor has also moved closer to mostly death metal from Swedish black, just don’t lose the dual vocals. The songs demonstrate long hours of practice and are the most memorable to date, and despite the speed they are always under control. ‘The Goatchrist’ has dominating guitars with hyperspeed melodies and about equal time to each vocal style. ‘Demonic Staccato Erection’ is more sedate with brutal drumming that is not quite so frantic with heavy cymbal work. The rhythm guitar is slow and Helmuth employs an in-between style of vocals at the end. ‘Paradise Regained’ has a very brief atmospheric intro then pulverizing intensity, the uberpanzer. The bass stands out more as well. ‘Fukk the Blood of Christ’ starts off slow and ominous, the drums kick in slow, chugging rhythm guitar then blastbeats and minimalist guitar leads- high pitched squeals and lengthy slower sections without words to end one of my favorite songs pre Lucifer. ‘The Sin Hellfucked’ has clearly heard bass, heavy cymbol use, chaotic swirling lead guitars, and a Voivodesque ending. ‘Fleischrequiem’ is a highlight of the album with acoustic folkish guitars and chanted vocals in addition to the black and death styles and some anguished screams along with fast drumming. Easily one of the best of black/death releases of 2003

Track list:
1. Inflamate Christianos-intro
2. The Goatchrist
3. Diaboli Virtues In Lumbar Est
4. Demonic Staccato Erection
5. Lucifuge / Paradise Regained
6. Fukk The Blood Of Christ
7. The Sin-Hellfucked
8. Swarm Of Rats
9. Lucifer Incestus

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