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Belphegor – The Last Supper


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Though it originally saw the light of day (or depths of eternal night, as it were) in the band's native Austria way back in 1995, Belphegor's The Last Supper was only given a proper international release in 1999 when it was reissued by Last Episode with different cover artwork and with six bonus tracks culled partly from Belphegor's ultra-rare ‘Obscure And Deep’ EP, this disc serves as a good summation of the band's early material, boasting challenging, uncompromising, Scandinavian-inspired black metal. Despite their elaborate titles, songs like ‘A Funeral Without a Cry’, ‘The Rapture of Cremation’ and ‘In Remembrance of Hate and Sorrow’ feature generally indecipherable vocals, but these are perfectly fitting with Belphegor's sonic barrage of fierce, detuned riffs and slightly sub-blast beat drums. Among the bonus cuts, a deathly rendition of ‘Sabbath Bloody Sabbath’ and a cover of the lesser-known Sodom ‘classic’ ‘Outbreak of Evil’ take the cake. Overall, this is a competently executed album, but not very memorable or original. Track listing: 1. The Last Supper 2. A Funeral Without A Cry 3. Impalement Without Mercy 4. March Of The Dead 5. The Rapture Of Cremation 6. Engulfed In Eternal Frost 7. D.rowned I.n E.xcrements 8. In Remembrance Of Hate And Sorrow 9. Bloodbath In Paradise (Part II) 10. Kruzifixion 11. Obscure And Deep- from Obscure And Deep – EP 1994 12. Bloodstained Ritual-from Obscure And Deep – EP 1994 13. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath-Black Sabbath cover- from Obscure And Deep – EP 1994 14. Purity Through Fire 15. Diabolical Possession 16. Outbreak Of Evil-Sodom cover

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